Three Days of Creating - Climate Stories from Dartington, May 2018

Three Days of Creating records the stories of six climate scientists who took part in the Climate Stories Scientists' Workshop at Dartington Hall in Devon from 2nd to 4th May 2018. Listen to Kate Baker, Bernd Eggen, Natalie Garrett, Tim Gordon, Tom Powell and Chris Rapley talk about their experience of doing workshops in printmaking, songwriting, creative writing and theatre making. The song "David Attenborough" was written by climate scientists Ailsa Barrow, Jane Strachan and Peter Stott under the tutorship of Dan Plews of Aortas (Association for Oral Traditions and Songwriting), our songwriting tutor. He is also the performer.

The podcast was produced by Celia Robbins, using interviews conducted by Stewart Barr and Ewan Woodley, and recorded by Celia Robbins and Rebecca Pearce (all from the Department of Geography, University of Exeter)